Biochemistry studies and develops technologies aimed at solving problems of structure and functioning of living matter, from a biological chemistry perspective. And it is an indispensable tool to develop the current biotechnological processes.

In recent years there have been enormous advances in all areas of biochemistry, such as molecular biology, immunochemistry, physiological chemistry, clinical biochemistry, whose border reaches health problems - disease, and today biochemistry enviroment.

In this way, Biochemistry cannot be considered simply as a discipline but as an instrument or language of many of the Biological Sciences, among which microbiology, immunology, ecology, clinical biochemistry, nutrition, clinical toxicology stand out. etc.




The biochemistry career has a duration of 4 years to access the bachelor's degree with mention in: Microbiology, clinical biochemistry, cytology and genetics and three years for the level of senior technician in Biochemical Analysis.

The first three years basic subjects, for all areas of professional activity, are those that will define the essential knowledge, in the first periods of training, in close connection with the contents of the subjects of higher courses.

In the fourth year of the career, mentions have been defined, with the necessary subjects to reinforce the theoretical-practical part in a specific mention, which includes the knowledge to be applied directly, in the fields of professional action.




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