Train a biochemical professional with knowledge, skills, abilities, critical awareness and creative mentality, with a high degree of efficiency and responsibility, to assist in the resolution of health problems, the environment, forensic biochemistry, clinical toxicology, biotechnology and others related to their professional field, and thus respond to the needs of the Bolivian population within the areas of their competence in multidisciplinary work.



  • Train students to perform clinical laboratory diagnosis with analytical awareness, criticism and creative mentality.

  • Train biochemical professionals with the ability to integrate into multidisciplinary teams and intervene in surveillance programs and epidemiological control of prevalent health problems in the region and the country.

  • Train biochemical professionals whose professional performance is fully framed in ethical human values, respect, solidarity and spirit of service to society.


  • Train qualified professionals with the ability to perform in all areas of biochemistry and with a greater degree of knowledge and inclination in a particular mention.


  • To train biochemical professionals capable of producing bioreactives that are part of diagnostic kits, antigens and antibodies for serological diagnosis, antidotes, vaccines, antisera and others.


  • To train biochemical professionals with the capacity to formulate, evaluate and execute projects of scientific research, technological innovation, sustainable development and social promotion in multidisciplinary work.




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