The Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Sciences of the UMSA, from 1888 has many years of tradition and service to the community, having contributed to the country with valuable professionals. During the president of Dr. Aniceto Arce being a cancellation of the University Dr. Agustín Aspiazu at the request of Dr. Domingo Lorini, the "Section" for the study of Pharmacy was founded within the Faculty of Medicine (1888) at that time there was little difference between Medicine and Pharmacy, the only thing that differentiated them was the office practice in the apothecaries.

From 1868, General Mariano Melgarejo, through the statute that bears his name, determined the recognition of the Pharmacist's Title as an independent profession.

It is in 1900, at the initiative of Dr. Domingo Lorini, Etelberto Coello (creator of the first botanic garden) and many other professionals began the true organization of the School of Pharmacy, establishing the first curriculum, official, which contained subjects such as Inorganic Chemistry, Zoology and Occupational Practice, Qualitative Analytical Chemistry, Medical Matter, Pharmacology and Quantitative Analytical Chemistry.

 In the year 1910, the General Regulation of Exams was created, which provided that in order to obtain a Pharmacist's degree, students had to take two professional exams and submit a thesis, maintaining until 1940, when new subjects such as Biological Chemistry, Toxicology, are introduced. Bacteriology, Parasitology and others.

 In 1954-1992, the School of Pharmacy became the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, and then changed to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Sciences, to this day. The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree was separated from the Biochemistry Degree in 1991 and consolidated on November 9, 1992 with the Resolution of the Delegated Student Teaching Assembly.

Upon completing one hundred years (1889 - 1989) of both professional training and community service, the School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry by Supreme Resolution No. 206148 of May 10, 1989, received the highest award from the CONDOR DE LOS ANDES , in the degree of “Grand Officer” granted by the Supreme Government of the Nation, under the Presidency of Dr. Víctor Paz Estensoro.

On October 19, 1989, by Municipal Ordinance No. 73/89 of the Honorable Municipal Mayor's Office, the SCHOOL OF WEAPONS OF THE CITY OF NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA PAZ, in the degree of “Special Services”, is conferred to the Faculty.

Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Sciences, through a Single Resolution of the Central Accreditation Committee, Resolution No. 1080 of the CEUB and Resolution No. 8/01 of the VIII National Ordinary Conference of Universities, held at UMSS, it is constituted as ACCREDITED ACADEMIC UNIT, during the period May -2001 to May - 2007.

The year 2014, under Resolution 17/2014 of the III National Ordinary Conference of Universities held on December 9, 2014 in the city of Cochabamba, the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Career of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, is recognized as ACCREDITED ACADEMIC UNIT, being the accreditation period, until October 17, 2020.

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Career of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Sciences of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés is responsible for the training of professionals capable of satisfying the demands of society and the factors permanently to the constant evolution of the environment, Science and technology.

The conviction and the need to prepare Pharmaceutical Chemist professionals with these characteristics is a matter of concern for the optional community, which is why an intense and prolonged discussion process has been generated with the objective of evaluation and reformulation of the curriculum according to the new tendencies of the professional exercise in function of the needs of the country.






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