To train graduates in Pharmaceutical Chemistry to help solve health problems, with sufficient social sensitivity, that possess solid knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of medicines, food, natural products, toxic and cosmetics.



  • Prepare the student with the knowledge, attitudes, values, abilities and skills to participate in the processes of design, development, conditioning and quality control of pharmaceutical products prepared according to Good Manufacturing Practices.

  •   Train the student with solid knowledge about the pharmacokinetic characteristics, the mechanism of action, therapeutic use, interactions with other medications, side and adverse effects, idiosyncratic reactions, and contraindications of the drugs contemplated in the National Therapeutic Form.

  •  Prepare the student to be able to identify the medication as a Public Health issue and as an essential input of specific characteristics in the health services system.

  •  Prepare the student to participate in research and activities related to the rational use of medication, pharmacovigilance, medication information, formulation of medication policies in a geographic space.

  •  Train the student with updated knowledge, skills and abilities that allow him to analyze, control the quality of food and drinks.

  • Develop and deepen with the student knowledge in the area of ​​toxicology that allows him to participate in the solution of problems related to the contamination of chemical agents that affect the health of populations of different ecosystems.

  •  Train the student to participate in the formulation, preparation, and quality control of cosmetic products.

  •  Train the student with knowledge, skills and abilities that allow him to study, investigate natural products with pharmacological interest for their transformation and application in the solution of health problems




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