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It is made up of a laboratory mouse that comes out of a flask. Both supported by the name of the unit, and the FCFB - UMSA




The semiotic visual conformation is the triangle that expresses growth based on the guidelines of the institution that gave rise to the unit.

The figure of the mouse with the flask in the background, represents a respect for the animal kingdom, which is not being submitted, which is rather taken as support for scientific development for the benefit of health.

 Colors indicate sobriety and growth.


Historical review


Based on the activities and background described, the Optional Bioterium upon consolidation in a Unit of Production and Services of the Faculty supported by a resolution of the Delegated Optional Student Teacher Assembly No. 004/14 and endorsed by resolution of the Honorable Optional Council No. 385/15 .

It creates the UNIT OF BIOLOGICAL TESTS - BIOTERIA with Optional Resolution No. 532/15 and Rectoral Resolution No. 364/16.




The Biological Testing Unit-Bioterio (UEB-B) whose main mission is to produce laboratory animals in optimal quality conditions: microbiological, genetic, nutritional and maintenance, in order to avoid variables outside the research that may interfere with The experimental results.




Our vision is to become a reference unit for the provision of animals with genetic, microbiological, nutritional and maintenance quality that allow us to obtain reproducible results in biomedical research, which uses them as raw material, as well as being a reference in biological tests. i n live in vitro




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